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Mining Project Award

Aug 10, 2023

KDV Flow Limited

Source: KDV Flow Limited

KDV Flow Limited has been awarded a full manual and actuated valve package by one of our mining focused customers in Eastern Europe. This supply includes our own brand Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves with additional supply of several third party valves items. KDV Flow Limited has had several positive orders with this loyal customer and was awarded this project based on our superior lead time – we are proud to call this multinational a repeat customer and look forward to the next one.

A water leak increases a businesses water bill by £19,000 per year, the cause may surprise you!

A water leak on your metered water pipe underground between the meter and at the point the water supply enters the building can result in a substantial increase in business water bills.Often the water leak on a business premises does not become apparent until the finance department query increases in the water bills.Many leaks go undetected for many months as the frequency of meter readings by water suppliers is othen one actual reading per year, the rest of the year water bills are based on estimated reads.V...

Meet Acoem environmental monitoring experts & discover our trusted research-grade solutions at AGU 2022 Chicago

Showcasing monitoring solutions that have the power to affect positive environmental changeAmerican Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Fall Meeting is the preeminent event dedicated to the advancement of Earth and space sciences, uniting the scientific community to connect with like-minded researchers, share findings and advance the global impact of science.For the first time since Met One Instruments became part of the Acoem Group, attendees from 100 countries will have the opportunity to experience a curated...

20` Duplex Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Check out our recent supply of 20″ Duplex Stainless Steel ball valves to a major end user in Oman.

JC Trunnion Mounted Ball valves

Here’s featuring JC Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves with PMSS Design and Electric Actuators 300# Class for Sour Hydrocarbon Gas application in Middle East. These JC ball valves are complying to Fugitive Emission requirements, Shell MESC & SPE requirements in addition to the end user specification.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve from JC Valves

In the picture is Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve. Valve actuation is an art and we take pride in our fully integrated valve actuation center in Sharjah.

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