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Breezeline switching to streaming TV service

Jun 21, 2023

Breezeline has started transitioning its Ohio customers away from a cable-based service to a streaming television platform.

The switch is the last major part of changes Breezeline announced for Ohio customers after it acquired WOW!'s Columbus and Cleveland markets for $1.125 billion.

The Massachusetts-based company, formerly known as Atlantic Broadband, is moving customers to Breezeline Stream TV, an internet protocol television (IPTV) service, instead of a traditional cable TV service.

"Stream TV transforms the viewing experience for Breezeline customers," said company spokesman Andrew Walton. "It’s loaded with features, but is incredibly simple to use."

Walton noted that Stream TV is among other changes Breezeline has made in Ohio, including investing $50 million last year and another $75 million this year to improve internet capacity in Ohio, following service complaints when Breezeline moved into the state last year.

Here's what Breezeline customers need to know about the switch (customers can learn more details by visiting Breezeline's Stream TV site):

All customers will be switched.

Breezeline started switching Columbus customers in January and expects to be finished by late summer. Customers are being notified in groups of the switch.

"The cost will be similar, but will vary by customer depending on their services," Walton said. "Our package pricing is extremely competitive and we offer discounts for customers who move into Breezeline packages."

Stream TV requires a small (4-by-4-inch) box that customers can install on their own. The box costs $4.99 a month. After they are notified that their service will be switched, customers are asked to call 844-458-1696 to have a box sent to their home. After installing the box, they are asked to return the old cable box, at no cost, by using an address label sent to them.

The channel lineups are not changing, with the exception of the addition of the NASA channel, although the new service offers features such as video on demand and multi-platform viewing, that the cable services lacks.

Yes. Customers can record up to 300 hours of HD recordings through a service called Cloud DVR Max.

Stream TV can be accessed on a television via the Stream TV box. Accessing the service through a phone or tablet requires downloading the Stream TV App and using using a Breezeline email address. Stream TV is not directly available on laptops, but customers can use their Breezeline credentials to access specific channels through a laptop. The company said it is working to make the full Stream TV service available on laptops.

A maximum of 10 devices can be signed to one account and a maximum of five shows can be streamed simultaneously. Shows streamed via the Stream TV boxes do not count toward the limits.

The service is available with all internet speeds Breezeline offers in Ohio, though the company recommends that customers who regularly stream simultaneously on multiple home devices consider high-speed internet.

The Stream TV app is available through FireTV and AppleTV devices, though not through a Roku device.

Breezeline, is the eighth-largest cable operator in the United States, about 1.5 million customers. Breezeline does not release the number of its customers by market, but said when it acquired WOW!'s Ohio operations that it served about 196,000 internet, 61,000 video and 35,000 telephone customers in Columbus and Cleveland.

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